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This game is amazing, played it for about a week now. Wish the DEV would have put more elbow grease into updating it. Sad these good games go to waste


The dev has actually been working on a sequel for all this time, improving on everything. It is released in 5 days on Steam!

Thanks for the information so much!!! can u link it? unfortunately I cannot get steam (long story...) is there another platform I could play/get it on?

Unfortunately it's only available on Steam for now. Maybe the dev will release it on other platforms later, but he did advertise it as only available on Steam.

ah darn that sucks so bad, oh well ill see how it goes...!

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Game doesn´t start! (1.1.2017/ Windows 7 with Launcher installed) After start the game he crash on the loding screen. (Stoped Working error) Pls fix it! ^^


it says free full game but then has option to upgrade to full version?


if you do get the greenlight can you keep it on here.I liked your game so much that i made an account just to tell you to keep this game free and that iubes 2 should be on here for free. pls